Better structure, posture and freedom from pain through tissue manipulation


This is results based therapy! Most sessions are based on 90 minutes of bodywork unless indicated (*). ‚ÄčThis includes initial paperwork, body assessment, bodywork and home retraining information. Please make the required time for your session.


Lower Body Alignment/Pelvic Stabilization    
Restores balance to the lower body, hips and hip rotators, quads and hamstring work, calves and feet, reducing and eliminating pain in those areas.

Upper Body Posture Alignment                      
The most complexed and sought after session that I perform. This technique restores your posture from the waist up, eliminates mid and upper back discomfort and the areas where you believe you carry stress. Opening up the peck area so you can stand up straight. Returning the scapula to its original place of comfort and releasing the tight trapezius muscle so that the neck feels released. This Upper body work also includes if need, a proven neck routine to restore range of motion and eliminate neck discomfort and headaches that come from neck tension and scull based tightness. 

Stress Eliminator                                              
This session most resembles full body, deep tissue work, WITHOUT the discomfort you usual feel during and after deep tissue work. This work is effective, deep but surprisingly relaxing, lengthening muscles, loosening knotted deep tissue and restoring proper blood flow to ischemic areas in the body. Also includes proven neck work routine.

 Specific Injury Therapy                                   
* 60 minute session

Neck Pain
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Frozen Shoulder
Tennis / Golfers Elbow
Wrist Pain
Upper Back Pain
Lower Back Pain
Quad / Hamstring Strain
Knee Pain
Shin Splints
Plantar faceitis
Injury Prevention

20% discount to seniors, 60 and older.