Better structure, posture and freedom from pain through tissue manipulation

Client Testimonials

Trudy C.
April 5, 2017
Felt fantastic. Posture much improved.

Judith F.
on Mar 12, 2017
Damon is truly there to help his clients become pain free!

Sarah A.
on Feb 23, 2017
I was referred to Damon due to pain in my hip. Damon was able to help me relieve the pain as well as tips on how to avoid it from happening again! He takes the time to explain what he is doing and how it should feel. He was able to show me ways to do everyday activities to keep pain out of my life! Thank you Damon!

Annyssia M.
on Feb 9, 2017
Damon was awesome. He was very thorough and went over everything he was doing to help relieve any tension or pressure in my areas of concern. He gave me the tools and insight I need to help prevent or counter balance any pressure I'm putting on my body due to my line of work. Highly recommend Damon.

Lisa S.
on Jan 20, 2017
Daemon was very helpful and informative, he helped me think about my daily movements, like how I carried my purse, to how I got up from a seated position.

Consuella B.
on Jan 12, 2017
He was very kind and informative

Karis T.
on Jan 4, 2017
My youngest is 18 months and since halfway through that pregnancy I struggled with debilitating back pain. Two years of chiro (which I love) didn't help, but two sessions with Damon totally did!

Teresa L.
on Dec 6, 2016
Who knew ?? I have to admit I was a tad skeptical. Never had a back issue & always been able to work thru any muscle pain . Developed crazy lower back pain, ongoing for a month. Damon correctly diagnosed a posture issue. Excellent alignment therapy which included teaching me home techniques & exercises eliminating future return. Outstanding value. Expertise & professionalism in it's finest form.

Victoria H.
on Sep 14, 2016
Damon is knowledgeable and caring. His treatment really helped!

on Sep 13, 2016
Damon knows his job!!! Highly recommend 😊

on Sep 11, 2016
Well, I'd like to say that I walked in to the building with so much pain, tension, stressed all over my neck, shoulder and back, after my tx. when I left, I felt like a new person!! aches and pains had gone away, it was the best satisfying, relaxing, 60 min body alignment I had and I will definitely going back and will recommend to family and friends. His very informative on his treatment, and professional. Thank you. Charmaine

Jill P.
on Aug 31, 2016
Damon is great!!! He truly loves what he does with helping others regaining quality of life. I highly recommend going to him for any ailment you might be dealing with. After one session I can feel a huge difference. I look forward to my next session and restoring my health back.

Lana L.
on Aug 31, 2016
Damon is a amazing. I would definitely recommend his services to anybody who's dealing with pain.

Marcus G.
on Aug 17, 2016
Awesome, knowledgable and caring! So glad I went there! I'm excited for my future now!

Cathy R.
on Aug 15, 2016
Damon was able to do more for my extreme lower back pain than a Chiropractor, two trips to the ER and all their drugs. It was a great experience.

Mari F.

on Aug 9, 2016
Damon is awesome! He is working with me on my posture that has affected my shoulders, neck, and traps. As well as my gait which has given me ankle problems.

Marisa B.
on Aug 9, 2016
Not just a detailed, professional, deep tissue massage but also a back alignment.... How could anyone complain???!! I can not WAIT to return to this slice of heaven!!

Traci E.
on Jul 29, 2016
Feeling better after just one treatment!

Monique C.
on Jul 14, 2016
Great therapist! First real pain relief in a long time!

Michael S.
on Jun 29, 2016
Damon is very caring and knowledgeable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Nadia J.
on Jun 21, 2016
Damon's massage was more like a complete muscular skeletal realignment. He helped my posture and gave me exercises and tips for keeping everything in alignment. Highly recommended!

Mari f.
on Jun 15, 2016
Damon was amazing! He was able to pinpoint the areas that were giving me issues and helped with my headaches. Totally worth it

Patricia B.

on May 10, 2016
I would absolutely recommend Damon. I have never experienced a treatment like that. He explained the science behind every move he made. I experienced my shoulders drop and my posture change immediately. My muscles released and the pressure went away. It was painless. I am very impressed.

I felt great and saw results after my first visit!
May 09, 2016

I would absulutly recommend Damon. I have never experienced a treatment like that. He explained the science behind every move he made. I experienced my shoulders drop and my posture change immediately. My muscles released and the pressure went away. It was painless. I am very impressed.
May 03, 2016

Damon was awesome! Does more than just massage. Does myoskeletal as well and shows you techniques for better posture, etc.
April 26, 2016

Damon is the greatest. Enjoy EVERY time I go to him. Definitely reccomend him.
April 21, 2016

For the first time in months, I actually have relief from the pain I've been living with the past 6 months! Damon is wonderful - his motto is relief without pain and he delivers!! So glad that I bought this groupon and I've already scheduled my next appointment!!!
April 20, 2016

Damon was awesome! Highly recommend!
March 02, 2016

Yes Damon was great!!!
March 02, 2016

Damon, your amazing. Thank you.

Tracey Saunders

February 25, 2016

February 24, 2016

Such a nice guy! Definitely will be returning.
February 17, 2016

This was definitely the best experience I've had! Damon is very knowledgeable and genuinely wants you to feel better. I will definitely be back and would recommend him to anyone looking to permanently relieve pain.
February 10, 2016

After having physical therapists, chiropractors, pain specialists treat me for well over a year, Damon got to the root of my pain in a half an hour! I've had four visits with Damon and the turnaround is well underway. He has shown me how my back pain had changed the way I was walking and this change had caused much more pain all around my back and legs. No more! I am on the road to recovery thanks to him! No more cortisone shots and no nerve ablation surgery!! That was the next step offered by my doctors. Damon saved me from that and I can't thank him or recommend him enough!!
January 29, 2016

Bought it for a friend who said she liked it.
January 25, 2016

Very good experience!
January 05, 2016

Very professional, knowledgeable.
December 29, 2015

Not a spa experience, but a focused problem area approach. I appreciated learning about specific muscle/bone relationships.
December 25, 2015

I would highly recommend this service Very professional and explained in detail Was not concerned with a time frame but more in results Thank you GroupOn!!
December 16, 2015

Amazing! He really knows what he's doing!! Very professional
December 08, 2015

The service was a great experience! He educates his clients and he was very informative Highly recommended!!!
December 04, 2015

It was absolutely fantastic Damon took care of my strained calf muscle and my lower back Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 23, 2015

He is very knowledgeable and got to the root of the problem Worth a trip
November 21, 2015

He is very knowledgeable about what he does, and I will continue to see him when needed
October 16, 2015

Wear comfortable clothing See website explaining the dress recommendation
October 12, 2015

Damon is wonderful Very knowledgeable and helpful to correct body alignment I booked again and sent my friend! So glad I found him Thank you, Damon!!
October 02, 2015

Great service Damon was very professional, clearly knowledgeable and well trained I left feeling relaxed, taller, and pain free This is not a spa experience, but if you suffer from body aches and pains, this will help you to feel better
September 16, 2015

Damien is kind, conscientious & skilled at what he does.
August 28, 2015

Extremely worthwhile. Hihly recommend if you are in pain.
August 28, 2015

Not your typical massage.
July 22, 2015

Really nice and informative. He knows what he is doing. I will take all my family there to check their body balance. No more unexplained pain.
July 16, 2015

He did an amazing job and I feel so much better. He's very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
June 25, 2015

This was my first alignment procedure. I think it was helpful.
June 24, 2015

Janae Ficklin said: The best ever. He knows the body and how to help! September 9, 2015

Square client said:  Damon has helped me so much. I am feeling better than I have in years. August 21, 2015

Groupon client said: Damon is very good at his work. He is very friendly and personable. He cares about helping you to feel better. Very knowledgeable. I've been there twice now, and am looking forward to my next visit. June 08, 2015

Groupon client said: Damon, the therapist is great. He really takes time to talk to you about your specific aches and pains and works on it talking thru with you every step of the way. Will go back to see him again. June 04, 2015

Groupon client said: Damon does an excellent job of explaining his evaluation of what's causing pain. June 04, 2015

Groupon client said: I would highly recommend this treatment ! Extremely therapeutic! June 03, 2015

Groupon client said: Not your typical "massage". Concentrates on aligning your body to relieve pain. Wonderful experience!! June 02, 2015

Groupon Client said: Damon was professional, kind and created a very comfortable environment for bodywork. His gentle touch, experience and knowledge relieved tension and helped regain greater ease with my body. I would absolutely recommend him. May 18, 2015

Groupon client said: He was very knowledgeable May 13, 2015

Groupon visitor said: It was exceptional. Damon is so knowledgeable and I had so much relief after just the first visit. I look forward to going back.     May 04, 2015

Josette said:  Damon is WONDERFUL. I have seen him twice now and can't wait to go back. He is very personable, knowledgeable, friendly and caring. His GROUPON prices are the BEST EVER. He is WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY. Thanks Damon.

Lysa Buonanno said:  Damon is very knowledgeable and effective. He removed all the tension in my neck and shoulders and even gave me stretches to do at home. 4/16/2015

Jennifer Mackie said:  You know what Damon, I think you are my Angel. Shortly after I left on my drive home, the pain in my arm went from shooting and stabbing, to dull. I have hope again. This has been the most agonizing week of my life, but I will work hard on keeping the shoulder back and doing my weights. God bless you. I am eternally grateful to have found you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Groupon Client said:  I feel my body alignment and posture has improved with just once treatment. March 27, 2015

Groupon Client said: After just one visit, my posture is improved and I have immense relief in my neck area! Damon is professional and knows exactly what hes doing. Cannot recommend enough. February 02, 2015

Groupon Client said: Great body adjustment and very knowledgeable, Felt a lot better afterwards. January 30, 2015

Groupon Client said: Awesome, straight up. Very knowledgeable and you will feel better January 14, 2015

Groupon Client said: Damon is the best! ! Very informative and caring!!!!  January 9, 2015

Brittian Rivas said:  I had an amazing session with Damon Bolden the other day, my calves locked up on me and I couldn't walk, I was in a lot of pain and Damon worked them to the core, I was surprised when I got off of the table that I could flex my foot again and actually walk! He showed me some really easy stretches to do as well. Best massage session I've had in my life! Thank you Damon!

Nikki Claphanson said: Had a great session with Damon Bolden today. Thank you. You do the best bodywork I have ever received. I feel like a million dollars.

Sandra Hooper Reinbold said: My sciatic nerve has been twinging slightly since driving to and from San Diego over Christmas. So I went to a special massage therapist today. He really studied my posture and worked on the spacing of my muscles and bone structure. One of my issues is my shoulders being too far forward and not holding my head in the right position... So, all day I have been working on positioning, which is making my shoulders sore, but in a totally different way and should relieve a lot of my headaches. I already feel a difference. Damon Bolden is amazing!!

Beulah Allison said: “Damon is the very best. I have been suffering with chronic pain for a long time. From my neck all the way down to my feet, which prevented me from doing a lot of things that I used to do. Damon took the time to explain what was going on with my body and how he could help. What is so amazing about Damon is that he listens and allows you to go through each area where you have pain and explain to you what was going on, why and most importantly, how he could help you. He is easy to talk to and he makes you feel at ease right away with his knowledge, experience and his willingness to listen to you. When I walked out of my first session with Damon, I knew I would be back. I felt better than I had in long time and after my second session I feel even better. Damon you are terrific and I recommend anyone who is suffering with pain, to go and see Damon first. You will not be disappointed, I sure wasn't. Thanks Damon for being who you are, for giving me hope when I had none and for telling me to stand up straight and always smile.”

Stacey Archer-Little said:  I was so excited when Damon decided to open his own practice. He was already taking his "massages" to the next level simply because his knowledge and skill exceeded the basic "massage" mentality. This is definitely his destiny, and he is saving so many from unnecessary surgeries, pain medication and decreased quality of living. Definitely see him before agreeing to a high priced, usually unnecessary surgery. And rather than overdosing on Ibuprofen to camouflage pain, let him fix you. My family is actively involved in sports and strength training. What Damon does and teaches is a necessary part of taking care of yourself and avoiding injury. So thankful he's his own boss now! Keep it up Damon!!!!

Laura Kaprelian LMT said:  Damon helped me to sleep like a rock and I was able to sleep on my back the entire night. Before seeing him, that was difficult. Damon you are an amazing person with a God given talent!

Heidi Dove said:   December 19th, 2014
Damon was amazing! I have recommended him to everyone now. He spent forever working on problem areas that I had because I am a distance runner. I have had absolutely zero leg pain since visiting him. He is very knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable! Everyone should try it!

Sara Linton said:   November 6th, 2014
Damon has been my massage therapist for several years. Prior to seeing him, my shoulders and neck were chronically in pain. The tension I had in my shoulders was, at times, excruciating. I had seen several doctors and chiropractors who wanted to throw pain medications at the issue. With Damon's assistance, I am able to live comfortably without medication. His attention to my pain has been better than any medical professional. My posture has improved as a result. I recommend him to anyone who has a pain issue, muscle tension or an issue that other medical professionals could not treat. He listens attentively and has great technique.

Gail Jarrett said:   September 25th 2014
Great Therapist, Very Skilled & Extremely Pleasant. Damon has worked on my hips, back and neck and I always feel 1000% better.